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Card Captor Sakura: Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to ccs_lims! This is, as you might have guessed/known, a last icon maker standing iContest centering on the infamous manga and anime of Card Captor Sakura, copyright of CLAMP.

So, a run down, because all communities need one:

\\ you must |join| in order to participate. That goes for both voting and submitting icons in the rounds!
\\ after joining and friending the community go ahead and |SIGN UP| with your username.
\\ each challenge calls for at least 20 participants to be signed up (give or take 1, for a buffer zone).
\\ once 20 people have signed up (pimping the community helps to speed up this sign up process) the weekly iContests will begin. Each week there will be a new theme to submit to.
\\ if you miss a week without commenting to use an immunity week, or something, you are disqualified
\\ every participant gets at least one immunity week, but to have more than one you must pimp out the community somewhere else on livejournal, and comment |here| with a link to where you pimped
\\ immunity weeks may not be used in the last four rounds of a Challenge, since when it gets that close to the end, it’d be kind of like cheating to use an immunity


\\ at the end of each week/round voting will be posted, you will have from, for example, Saturday night until sometime on Monday to get your votes in.
\\ all voters must give reasons for both the elimination and the peer’s choice.


Elimination: 04, I admire the coloring but the image seems very awkwardly cropped and takes too much away fromthe image itself.

Peer's Choice/ P.C.: 09, rocks my socks. The textures are subtle, but they really make this icon look unique and the tiny text really gives it that extra zing! Image quality is fantastic too!


Eliminition: I don't like that character

Peer's choice: OMG I LUV THAT SHIP!

0_o;;;; okie?

\\ rounds for a Challenge will run weekly, most likely on the Saturday to Saturday schedule (giving you a full 7 days to drop an icon in or use an immunity week)! When entering an icon in any round, include the icon itself AND a working URL for it like so:

http:// iconsubmission.gif

\\ if the round is lyrical, your icon must contain at least three consecutive words from the song!
\\ if the round is textless, your icon may not contain any remotely legible text but scribbles, or tiny text are allowed!
\\ any other rule applying to each round will be stated in the submission post. The guidelines given must be followed or your icon will be disqualified.
\\ likewise, if you are caught cheating in any way, shape, or form, you will also be disqualified, but I doubt we have to worry about that here :)

\\ past LIMS stuff can be found |right here|

\\ subject line for your |sign-up| should be 'icontest' and your subject line for your extra immunity week should be 'extra immunity', just to make sure you've at least skimmed the rules :P

Questions/concerns should be directed at the following people, either via a mod's post [preferably] or through the personal journal, or e-mail.

Affiliate? IMPORTANT: we might already be affiliated with you, but you might be missing because our master list died on us >.< (pc virus, YAY -_- ) among other things. Hence the new everything. So, check |here| to see if you should be there, but aren't, and comment so we can properly add you in again. OR, if you haven't affiliated before but would like to, also comment |here| with your community name, the basic purpose of it, and your status there [mod, whatever]. Please only icon-related or anime-related things at the moment, which is a lot of things, but eh, it still cuts back!

\\ Mod: oculoplania
e-mail: oculoplanist [at] yahoo [dot] com
\\Co-mod: feather_of_love

*Layout coding provided by damnicons
*Layout modifications/graphix done by oculoplania